How do I connect Qbott to my digital assets?

Once you purchase a licence, a member of our customer service team set up your account. You will be given admin access, along with a username and password to login to Qbott portal. After the initial onboarding process, its a self service model. You can go into the portal, specify your website and other digital assets, and include/exclude which aspects of your digital asset you would like to audit.

After you’re done configuring, you can select a time and day to do your first audit. Once the audit finishes, Qbott will provide you with a summary of your digital asset’s health.

Is the dashboard accessible on mobile?

No, currently Qbott is only accessible through desktop or tablet.

I need help getting set up. Who can I contact?

Our customer service team is always-on call to assist you. You can also email us at info@qbott.com, or call us at 704-323-6989, and one of our customer success representatives will do whatever they can to help.

Do you provide on-going support?

Yes. If you’re having any issues with the product, new versions of the product, configuration, or are having trouble understanding the tools and how to use
 them, call our customer service team and we will be more than happy to help.

How do I connect additional digital investments?

Connecting additional assets is simple. Simply login into the admin account, onboard the new asset, configure what you would like to audit and set a time and day to start the first audit.

Is there an app for Qbott?

No, currently Qbott is only accessible from desktop or tablet.

What does the Health Score mean?

It’s the average score of all the individual parts of your digital asset. A high Health Score means thats your website assets are healthy and working efficiently, while a low score means that your digital asset has errors that should be fixed using the recommendations given by Qbott.

How do I improve my Health Score?

Along with your health score, Qbott provides recommendations and actionable solutions. Once you act on a recommendation, you will see your Health Score improve. Compare it with the previous data to see you digital assets improving or deteriorating.

What do the recommendations mean?

The recommendations tell you which components of your website are not functioning correctly. Once you act on these recommendations, your Health Score improves.

Can I add other users to my Qbott account?

Once an Admin is given access to the QBott portal, he/she can go into their account and add other users.

Does Qbott audit behind logins?

Yes. Qbott mimics user actions and navigates through you digital asset to find issues and problems. Once the audit is scheduled, a user doesn’t need to stay on the Qbott platform.

How often should I audit?

How often you audit depends on how often you make changes to your assets. Whenever you make any functional, rebranding, structural, hardware and software changes, conduct an audit before and after to compare the health of your digital investments.

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