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Cloud-Based Audit & Assurance Bot

Our cloud-based, no download or installation solution allows you to monitor your digital assets with ease and efficiency.

Error Detection

QBott has the ability to inspect and provide trending information on:

Workflow Issues

Ensure that the functional flows on your digital properties are working as expected and detect any problems in completing the user actions.

Web Analytics

Ensure that Web Analytics technologies that are installed/embedded into your digital properties’ front-end are operating correctly and collecting the data as per the defined business requirements.

Design Uniformity Issues

Make sure that all of your digital assets consistently follow a single brand guide including logo, font kit, hex colors, style, and imagery.

Code Errors

Qbott detects all technical errors that disallow a user to properly use and interact with the screens on your digital asset.

Broken Pages & Resources

By crawling through your assets, Qbott helps ensure that that web page URLs, redirects, inbound links and internal links are all functioning properly.

Performance Issues

Qbott monitors your site's performance to ensures that your website loads at an optimal speed.

Content Issues

Qbott can detect issues related to spelling, grammar, image content changes on the screens between two different dates.

Code Quality Issues

Qbott ensures that your website code has been maintained to scale and adapt to the changing digital environment.

Cookie Issues

Qbott ensures that your digital properties are not creating unnecessary cookies or storing irrelevant data that could compromise a user's security and privacy.

Accessibility Issues

Qbott ensures that your digital property is compliant with accessibility guidelines and usable by people with disabilities such as hearing, color blindness, old age and other disadvantages.

Responsive Web Design Issues

Qbott tests your website to make sure it is viewable on all platforms (desktops, tablets and mobile phones).

Navigation Errors

The design of a website’s navigation can affect traffic and search engine rankings. Qbott can identify and quickly fix errors hurting your online customer experience.

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